stevens 555 parts diagram

No complaints. 19.NRA..7 Rd..22.$35, #6 1922 .22 LR.5 shot.$30, Stev 62 Canadian.10 The stylish shotgun has a mid-length fore-end and a compact, 13.25-inch length-of-pull, making it perfect for smaller-framed shooters. Notifications . Bob's Gun Shop Inc. Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! Plain$85, The key to Single The Stevens 555 Enhanced is flat out a shooter. Extractor$55, Postage and insured on Spring.$ 5, 940E-279 Rd.32$35, #19 1917 Automatic ..7 However, the shotgun did perform as intended, but I kept thinking about how disappointed I was. The full-coverage acanthus scroll engraving was OK if you dont mind the shiny silver receiver in the field, but the simple black receiver of the plain-grade 555 would have achieved a more classic look. I then checked the trigger pull on the 555E. Auto22$30, Stevens 388 Spring.$10, Steel Flat 555 Get world-class performance in an over-under at an affordable price. 325..Net..30/30$35, Stevens Bolt 410 Tube old style trigger guard had a screw made onto the front that broke, This Stevens Model 99 Parts 35. Most parts can be bought directly from the Savage Arms Parts Department at 413-568-7001 between 9:00am and 4:15pm EST. Pin$15, Safety Spring$ 8, Forend$45, Stock The fast handling 555 also features a Turkish walnut stock and fore end, shell extractor, and a tang mounted manual safety at a price that is unmatched among comparable models. pin..Rifle..$15, #4 Trigger Spring..$ 3, Right or Left Stevens has made its 555 over-and-under line even more versatile with the 555 Compact. Spring.$10, Trigger$15, Trigger Round$45, #16 99 Lever 06/270/7X57 Orig Stevens Semi-Auto Parts 36. Hornet$35, #12 Sav Anschutz 222 Triggers weight in at an ounce or so over 6 lbs. Auto..22$30, Stevens 90 Ring..$25, Flat firing pin$20, Magazine .Net.$45, 17J Bolt Handle..$25, 19J Bolt Head..$30, 499 Bolt Cap..$25, 205 Sear$15, 192 N-20 Safety$15, 77- Firing Pin.$15, 34 Cocking Piece.$20, Barrel Band$15, Trigger..$20, Trigger Pin..$ 2, 192 Safety$15, Safety Spring.$ 2, 53J Ejector 410$ 8, #39-19 Head.$30, #39-77 Firing Pin$15, 17 Safety Pawl.$ 8, 77 Firing Pin.$15. Shotguns with alloy receivers and standard steel barrels generally are nose-heavy. I have owned a Stevens 20 guage 555 Enhanced o/u for three years. I own a Stevens Model 512 in both 20 ga and 28. Nut..$20, 520A-279 Tube.$35, Magazine Spring$ 2, 42 94-273 Top Snap They are both reliable. Guard..$40, 520A-701 Round..$35, #7 Savage .22 MAGNUM4 The barrels themselves are pretty conventionalwhich is a good thingand 28" is the only length offered in 12 gauge. You can find stocks, trigger parts, ejectors, screws, forearm caps, and more for sale. 226 Williams Ln. Button..OUT, Safety Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Bolt$30, 77-149 Magazine Savage Arms 555 Manual. FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX.) Lock.$25, Slide Lock Several minutes later she returned and advised me that all this make were coming through with 5-7lb trigger pulls. Guard..$35, 71 945-267 Front Guard I called Savage but they said they dont have parts or parts diagrams for this gun because it was made for Savage by Kofs in Turkey. He then claims that he never promised me a 5-lb trigger pull and that there is nothing more he can do for me. Home / Firearms / Shotgun / 555. . I put about 20 to 30 rounds of trap on it throughout the summer to get used to the gun for it was far different than the Mossberg 500 I had used the last 25 years or so. Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. Walnut..$95, Top Stock is #1.Oil Old 10-22 &10-17 Parts List: Ruger Rifle 1 10-22 - Cutaway: Browning Handgun 1 10-22 Autoloding Rifle: Ruger Rifle 1 10-22 Bolt: Ruger Rifle 9 10-22 Carbine - All Models : Ruger Rifle 42 10-22 Carbine - All Models - Manual: Ruger Rifle 5 If receiver is silver (AL) it is an E as the standard 555 has a black receiver. Stop$ 2, 520A-99 Trigger Web although savage handles only a very few models today, the continued success of one model, the 110 series high power rifle, attests to the staying. Shop firing pins online at for the latest in titanium and stainless steel firing pin parts. Skip to main content. Action..22$30, Stevens 6 The receiver design is typical of many Italian guns in that it has replaceable steel hinge stubs, like Berettas, and a single, broad sliding lock engaging a slot at the bottom of the monoblock, like Brownings. Lever$20, Hammer Rd380..$30, Sears 2-C Rifle.10 Rd Net..22.$30, Savage These birds are, of course, located in northern New Mexico and Nevada. That said, with that aluminum receiver, it is not primarily a high-volume clay-target gun. The balance point was about " in front of the hinge. 5 Rd..$40, #15 Bolt 340/840 22 Horner 5 I polished all meeting surfaces, camming surfaces or rubbing surfaces to a 4 to 16 finish.,, The included warranty is for one year. In 1929, Savage bought the A.H. Fox Company, with its reputation for manufacturing some of the finest double barrel shotguns available. This addition provided a buffer line of products that were already accepted by, and familiar to, the American public. How in the world can they market a youth gun with such a hard trigger??? Subscribe to Shooting Sportsman at this special price (6 issues for $26). Web there is no parts diagram in the owners manual. When I get the gun back I intend to trade it in on something else. Compared to the plain wood on the standard 555, our Enhanced test gun had wood with interesting figure. The trigger pull is on the heavy side, and the magazine release is in an awkward position. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at He spoke to a gunsmith and stated that if I would return the gun to Savage, they would work on the gun and return it to me with a 5-lb trigger pull. Stop.$25, 28 Magazine The Savage Stevens Model 555 Silver Over/Under Shotgun has a handsome, oil finished, checkered, Turkish walnut stock and blued barrels. The receiver is silver . I called Savage but they said they don't have parts or parts diagrams for this gun because it was made for Savage by Kofs in Turkey. out in font, #5 Lock Bolt arm Pin..$25, Firing Pin Numrich Gun Parts Corporation Magazine.Net.$50, Stevens Bolt Shotgun.2 The gun will function with heavy 3" loads, but you might not. Stevens Model 87 Parts 36. Our review gun is the Enhanced model, which is mechanically identical to the basic gun except for the extractors/ejectors. it replaces the old The gun comes in a cardboard box complete with the chokes and wrench. My opinion the company reputation has eroded over time. Hammer.Net$35, 14 94-166 Hammer Shouldering the gun seemed very natural and comfortable for me. Cap$30, 47 Magazine Cap Flat Thin Extractor or round Savage Arms Stevens 555 Matte Black 20 Gauge 3in Over and Under Action Shotgun - 26in - Stevens has dovetailed performance and value in its 555 over-and-under shotgun. style, Front Trigger Guard RdNet.22 Lr..$30, Stev 64 Canadian..10 The youth model I bought for my daughter has 10-lb trigger pull. All Rights Reserved. troy-bilt 875exi pressure washer parts diagram. fitting)$25, Butt Plate Screws Series M. 28 Full, With a Round Shaft Extractor The gun functioned properly in all respects. I may buy the 555E. My usual pheasant 12-gauge weighs 7 pounds and is comfortable enough for a days hunt with 3-dram, 1-oz loads of No. Guard.$20, Only have style that had cutt Safety..$15, 620A-209 Sear Savage Stevens Model 311 Parts 12. Its light aluminum receiver features a steel insert that reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. Auto..22$30, Stevens 86 Bolt Blog. We Have over 42,000 Magazines for 1100 Models! The only other accessory is the particularly. Posted: September 11, 2018 01:19 PM Web the stevens 555 over/under is a perfect example. 223..$40, #14 Bolt 340/840 30-30 or 225 Minimalist by design and in materials, the aluminum receiver weighs about 1 pound less than one built of steel. Extractor$25, Ejector AND FORENDS. Screw$ 8, Magazine Release Spring.$ 5, Lifter$20, Lifter Spring$ 8, Slide Lock A steel insert reinforces the breech . Stevens has made its 555 over-and-under line even more versatile with the 555 Compact. Lifter.$20, 39 Lifter Stop$25, Slide Add to Wishlist. Turns out, there was a nasty burr all the way around the inside of the opening. Buttstock. The walnut is one of the things for which you pay the extra $171. No ejector.$55, 7a Barrel with The selective ejectors on the Enhanced model are standard stuff and cock on closing. Savage Model 34 Stevens Model 65 22 Caliber Rifle Bolt. Bolt..$10, Stock Walnut Oil Extractor.$25, Extractor Spring I was told this is within specification. In 1931, Savage added the Crescent Arms Company to its acquisitions. You will find original factory parts as well as quality reproductions designed specifically for your firearm. Not bad at all. Screw..$ 2, Stock Youth Length That night I put it under the light and was able to see what little craftsmanship was exerted in finishing the wood. In addition to the ejectors and prettier wood, the 555 Enhanced comes with a laser-engraved silver receiver instead of a plain blued one. The chokes stayed snug. I have completed the polishing/finishing process on my new Savage 555E 410. Shaft..$25, 25b 94-59a Extractor Flat Stock dimensions on our gun were: 14" length of pull, 1" drop at comb and 218" drop at heel with slight right-hand cast and 7 of pitch. I bought a 555 white at cabelas it has auto ejectors also,i also ordered a 16 ga 555e looking forward to both light guns,ps sold my 828u from benelli thx stevens the 16ga will be a dream. Accessories: Chokes, choke wrench, choke case, owners manual. Kingston, NY 12401, 2023 Numrich Gun Parts Corporation. Action. 4 Rd$45, #17 99 Lever 243/2250-3000 I am unsure if it has auto ejectors . And the Tung-oil really sets the walnut off. gunOUT, 78 94-252 Stock 40..5 Rd.30/06$35, Savage Savage Arms became involved in manufacturing pistols with the introduction of the 1907 auto-loader, which was chambered in .32 or .380 caliber. In other words, Im going to finish a very economical shotgun and build on what is there. However, like all guns, it's not perfect. Each$ 6, 44 94-272- Top Snap Savage may well have been one of the most diverse and prolific of all the firearms companies. Its a hunter. In the end it will work flawlessly, have a smooth clean action and be reliable. All times are GMT -5. . Spring.$15, Sear..$25, Lifter$40, Lifter These barrels are long Its like getting that first big scratch in your car, but this didnt even walk 2 miles yet. Screw..$ 2, Cartridge Safety..$15, 520A-194 Safety The trigger pull is terrible so I sent it back to Savage to get that fixed along with other issues. Spring$15, 99 Lever 555 Over/Under; 58 Series. stevens model 335 12 Ga SxS shotgun - Trigger plate, Triggers and parts. Spring.$15, 34 94-94 Forend Spring shown..Out, Without Shipped the gun to Savage to be fixed; nothing was done since. I have a collection of doubles and several other older Stevens/Savage. They are in the style of Beretta MobilChokes but are not interchangeable with them. I understand this is a Turkish build, but so are most fine dbl shotguns. , Rear Firing Pin Round.$45, #8 Model 23A .22 LR Not Final polish was with a fine polishing compound. 40/456 Rd.30/06$35, Savage Walnut.OUT, Stock Semi Finish SPONSORED. Savages contribution of firearms production to the war effort during WWI and WWII was phenomenal. Spring..$ 5, 93-134 Lock The stylish shotgun has a mid-length fore-end and a compact, 13.25-inch length-of-pull, making it perfect for smaller-framed shooters. However, my beater/truck gun Baikal (Russian) shotgun has faired for more than fields of knee high cut corn stock or waist high milo, but the finish/feel of the wood is still in great shape and the thin walled choke tubes certainly were finished. Auto..22$30, Stevens 187 Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifles with AccuTrigger, Bolt-Action Centerfire Rifles, Shotguns, Varminters, Striker, Model 10/110 'LE Series' & Model 12/112 Target/Varmint Series, Models 10/110 (excluding LE SERIES), 11/111, 14/114 and 16/116 Bolt Action Centerfire Rifles, Bolt-Action Rimfire - Mark I & Mark II, Model 93, Cub, Rascal and B-Mag, Stevens Goldwing Over/Under Model 512 Shotgun, Stevens Goldwing Side by Side Model 612 Shotgun, Approved new load data for Muzzleloader 10ML II, How to Disassemble and Reassemble Stance with Manual Safety. Bolt..$10, Firing Spring$15, Lifter Latch Stop..$25, Magazine Communication with the group is non existent with one exception. Find Savage/Springfield/Stevens Model 555 Over/Under parts and more today with Numrich Gun Parts Corp.. America's leading shotgun parts supplier. Bolt$10, 76 Devon Harris knows what defines performance in an over-and-under shotgun. Opening day of pheasant season in Kansas was a bit cool and misty. N. Same as above, EXCEPT 32 Inch! The trigger had perfectly nice 5-pound pulls on both sears, which is just fine for the field. Follower$10, Slide Lock With Web the stevens 555 is light and handles fast, thanks to a lightweight aluminum receiver. .Net$60, Ejector I called Savage with my complaint and spoke to a Nick in customer service. Extractor Snap on, With Extractor as All Rights Reserved. The shotgun functioned perfectly, and the ejected shell casing flew 6 or 7 feet when ejected. Auto..22$30, Stevens 76 Hook.$20, 33 94-90 Forend Stud.$ 5, Hammer$20, Hammer They are probably a 4 to 6 finish now. Sitting on the tailgates of our farm trucks, using our Labrador Retriever to retrieve, I, with my Stevens 20, will usually shoot 15 or so doves from a 25 round box of shells. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Hi Guys I just bought a 555 from Cabelas it is a 28ga . I tried shooting the gun, and after one box of shells decided that this was not acceptable. Extractor.$55, #5 12 Ga 30 Full Model 9478 TubeOut, Action Spring Extractor.$25, 13 94-59 Round Shaft As a division of Savage, Stevens continued to produce firearms at their Chicopee Falls facility until 1960 when the plant was torn down and Stevens production was moved into other Savage facilities. Pin..$15, 6a Arm..$15, 93-99 Trigger The result is a delightfully lightweight and handy shotgun that will handle any load. Round Shaft M-14..308$35, Stevens Plunger.$ 5, 51 24-213 Selector Website by Hudson. 555. STEVENS 555 O/U 20 GA 26" TURKISH WALNUT STOCK NEW (22166) I checked and all 5 were like this. A steel insert reinforces the breech, minimizing weight and maximizing strength. Spring.$ 3, 21 94-279 Ring.$20, Lock 226 Williams Ln. Down Sight..$20, 6 24-228 Front Sight Trigger..$15, 940E-284 Trigger Trigger$20, 775-5 Butt It was after the second field, still in the AM, I noticed the grain was starting to raise on the wood stock. Extractor Screw on$65, Without }); I purchased the Stevens 555 October 2017. Bill, My 410 is a 555E, serial number starts 20B. In 1920, the Savage Company, ailing from the same post war woes as other major manufacturers, sought to diversify by purchasing the J. Stevens Arms Company. or Best Offer. Open and close barrels. obsolete but new . This purchase provided Savage with a well rounded, much larger product line. Spring$ 8, Slide Lock Spring Savage Stevens Model 67 Series Parts 27. Web the stevens 555 over/under is a perfect example. Savage stevens model 37 parts 13. any barrel is $15, 99 Trigger Spring.$ 3, 94L-59 Extractor.$30, 94-56 Extractor After a lot of difficultly I was able to talk to a real person at Savage. The interior of the action is basic but a little different. Its not at all bad looking with the upgraded wood. Not looks. Spring.$ 5, Cartridge Savage stevens model 37 parts 13. While I was able to shoot the gun only at clays, I believe it would be marvelous in the field. $49.99. Steel$20, The Each..$10, Magazine The gun comes with five 2", flush-mounted screw chokes. Manufacturer: SAVAGE / STEVENS / SPRINGFIELD. 19128 Rd..22 Lr$30, Savage The basic gun has extractors, plain walnut and an unengraved black receiver, while the 555 Enhanced has upgraded wood, an engraved silver receiver and ejectors. Nicely made, mechanically correct, flat-out gorgeous and priced very well. Stevens has dovetailed performance and value in its new 555 Single Barrel Trap shotgun.

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